Brilliant Book


Hope you don’t get put off by the title, the asterisks, are part of the title.

“the way of f**k it,small book  big wisdom”

authors  John  C  Parkin  and Gaia Polloni



Otherwise known as survival methods

But its only recently I’ve realised that.

For much of my life reading has been a way to survive and to enjoy. Music has been something to relax into, dance around the room to and cry with.

So many writers have had an influence on my thoughts. My favourite and influential books are so varied. It’s not about highbrow classics. Many of the books that empower me are what some people call chick lit, usually in snooty terms. Guess it’s sad there missing out on a good read. 

Victor Frankel   Mans search for a Meaning. 

                        It’s a powerful book. Its about survival  in a concentration camp during second world war. Its how as humans we react in horrendous situayion.Its  also about a different kind of therapeutic approach called logotherapy. Stimulating book, very thought provoking. But it needs a summer school HEALTH WARNING. Take care .be in the right place to read it.

 Alexander Potter    Me and  Mr Darcy

Fantastic story of an American book store owner coming to the UK for a Jane Austen summer school. There is the most brilliant line in the book “you can’t f*** a paperback.” Sorry if I am missing a word or two from the original sentence.The line is said by a young vibrant character and totally in context. I guess the line really struck me. It was like being struck on the head with a concrete block. I have been living my in my books. They were and are my life. I stay in and read, rather than go out and live.


Saved by cake      Marion Keyes

All of Marion Keyes novels are thought provoking, always tears, ,morality, laughter and a spirit of community. This is  cookbook, scrumptious cakes, some works of art, some for weekend cooking, all for good and bad days. In her introduction Marion talks about  a period of depression and how literally cakes saved her. This may seem out of context ,she talks about walking up in the morning and the thoughts in her mind were “Suicide or Cupcakes” Marion has chosen cupcakes. Guess its not quiet  that simple.  Guess I’m still looking for my cupcakes?


Mitch Albom   Have a little faith

Mitch Alboms books are so inspiring.The book is about the author getting to kmow his local pastor in preparation for a eulogy when the pastor dies.  Its about  life and death,its about how our past shapes us so  much and how we can change,even though it can be painfull. Health warning. Just be aware it’s a powerful book, DON’T see the word pastor and think “its religious”  Absolutly,but the feelings and issues are  for  everyone. I think all Mitch Alboms books should be posted through everyone’s door.The theme of the book stays with you in a good way.