Samaritans Guide to part 2

When you think about what Samaritans it does sounds quite strange. When you use what Samaritans does it’s amazing.

They are supposed ordinary human beings with training in listening skills; there is a tremendous amount more than that. They aren’t ordinary human beings, they have skills to draw your feelings out of you and they don’t give advice.

You phone, you talk, potentially about anything. They don’t get fazed by stuff, you can say the things you really feel, not the stuff we say with our external masks on in the external world.

They don’t get stroppy or upset if you put the phone down and then ring back, in fact there pretty chilled about it.

For me it’s about the voice, how it sounds,

If its business like, call centre it, my phone goes down. If the voice is calm and gentle I feel ok ish to talk.

Sometimes the conversation is like being scrubbed, leaving feelings a bit raw.

Sometimes it’s like being bathed in calamine lotion when skin burning with the sun, only its words soothing my mind


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