getting through

Ten months ago I was standing on the edge of a cliff looking out on to the water.        There was a exquisite glow on the water as if there were lights under the water. The sea in the distance was that wonderful greeny blue. All I could see was total hopelessness; I had memories of horrible images of periods of my past. NOTHING TO DO WITH MY MUM AND DAD, It that ubiquitous term family friend,. I couldn’t see anything else; the water was calling me, verbally pulling me in. I wanted to lookout to take a picture I could close my eyes and see as I stepped over the edge .

This weekend has  been so blinking tough. Maybe the title should  how to get through counselling, How ame I gettind through. Looking out the window at the clouds,playing the game I used to with my dad. Looking at the clouds and seeing what they looked like. At the moment I can see a dragon carring a poodle. Look out and let your imagination carry you away.


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